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Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
on the tragic death of a new york city man whose final moments were captured in that picture. tonight a 30-year-old homeless man faces second-degree charges of murder. davis is accused of shoving that victim following a confrontation. davis has a long record in new york and pennsylvania. police say the victim tried to climb a few feet to safety but got trapped between the train and the platform's edge. what was planned as a birthday party for jazz great dave brubeck is now becoming a memorial tribute. brubeck died today in connecticut one day shy of his 92nd birthday. gotta know that one. take five from the 1959 album time-out. it was the first jazz album to sell a million copies. grammy winner dave brubeck been at the age of 91. >>> a memorial service was held today for kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher. belcher shot his girlfriend saturday morning. the couple add three-month-old daughter together. then he drove to arrowhead stadium where he shot and killed himself. we've posted the 911 calls that belcher's mom made begging belcher to stay alive. >>> today a fairfax county judge made
Dec 22, 2012 11:00pm EST
is in breezy point, new york, with that story. >> reporter: he doesn't have a job this christmas. super storm sandy destroyed the restaurant where she and her three daughters worked. it also wiped out the first floor of their home in breezy point, new york. >> you just want to be back in your home, even if it's not going to be the same. >> reporter: volunteers from she doesn't have money for right now. >> that's a relief. fabulous they're such kind, thoughtful people. >> reporter: the family won't be back in their house this christmas. they don't expect the work to be complete until the spring. they say knowing others volunteered their time to make their christmas a little brighter is the best gift they could have received. they aren't the only ones getting help from operation blessing. in october, sandy caused billions of damage along the east coast and devastated this waterfront community. volunteers have done more than 300 jobs like this one for the people of breezy point. >> this has been an area so devastatingly affected by the storm, and there's so much need. >> reporter: laura kelly an
Dec 29, 2012 11:00pm EST
street and new york avenues in northwest d.c. the driver of that car stopped but then the teen was hit by an suv that kept on going. tonight police are searching for the driver of that tan suv with d.c. tags. ,just ahead on 9news now, a local music legend dies. we'll have a look back at that time career of michael aldridge. >>> coming up, an 11-year-old boy lucky to be alive after a terrifying fall through a frozen lake. we're back in a moment. >>> welcome back, everybody. former president george h. w. bush is out of intensive care tonight. the 98-year-old bush was moved to a private room at a houston hospital. doctors there say his condition has improved. the elder bush was hospitalized in november for persistent bronchitis-like cough. he had been in icu because of a persistent fever. >>> local bluegrass music legend mike aldridge has died of cancer, just one day shea of his 74th birthday. aldridge was a fanged member of the group the seldom seen. the silver spring resident also toured with performers such as lyle lovett and emmylou harris. we talked to a close friend tonight. >> repo
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
a little bit, too. >>> bargain compromise. cornerstone of every negotiation but is in short supply in new york where the nhl is trying to figure out a way to play. it doesn't look g. there was momentum over the weekend. now gone. players and owners worked into the wee hours. no resolution. early tonight there was a rumor that a deal might be imminent but listen to both sides. that rumor categorically false. >> the characterization that i have just heard transmitted to us that we were close, that reminds me of the last time the union said we were close, and we were a billion dollars apart. >> it looks like, this is not going to be resolved in the immediate future. i hope that turns out to be wrong. but that's certainly what the message is that we have today. >> all right, basketball season upcoming georgetown prep hosting the high school. that's going to be our game of the week. 26,000 voters. we appreciate you. highlights at 11:00 tomorrow night. >>> lady terps opening up acc play. brenda frese turning to the wonder twins. the two combined for 40 points, 20 boards. >>> i love seeing her t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)